The GreenScape CE Visual mapping platform (GVMP) has been developed within the project GreenScape CE: Climate-proof landscape through renaturing urban areas in Central Europe financed by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme.

The GVMP aims to provide an overview of the green and blue infrastructure in the Metropolitan City of Milan, the City of Ptuj, the City of Szeged, the City of Warsaw and the City of Zagreb. The idea of the GVMP and the visual maps is to facilitate the linking of individual green and blue infrastructure / nature-based solutions measures into a coherent network. The platform provides three tools: accessibility, NBS and connectivity. The geoprocessing simulation tools of the GVMP support the analysis of population accessibility to green infrastructure, the analysis of NBS and the analysis of green space connectivity in the five pilot areas to increase the effectiveness of the proposed nature-based solutions in the partners' local action plans. In addition, the analyses and visual maps of the pilot areas will facilitate communication of the importance of green and blue infrastructure to target groups. They will support the development and monitoring of planned nature-based solutions and pilot actions. The approach will provide other CE cities with the basis and resources for reuse within their urban planning process and ensure transferability.
The platform was developed under the leadership of the Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia with the support of all partners.

Participating partners: data providers

City of Zagreb, City Office for Economy, Ecological Sustainability and Strategic Planning, Zagreb
Andrija Štampar Teaching Institute of Public Health, Zagreb
Municipality of Szeged, Szeged
Ambiente Italia, AP Metropolitan City of Milan
City of Warsaw - Public Roads Authority, Warsaw
Urban Planning institute of the Republic of Slovenia, ZRS Bistra, Ptuj

Contact person for the project GreenScape CE

North-West Croatia Regional Energy and Climate Agency
Project Manager
Tijana Šimek
Phone: +385913885308

Contact person for the GVMP

Urban planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia
Franc J. Zakrajsek
Phone: +38641674447

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